LG 360 Cam Wireless Remote


The LG 360 Cam is a nice and affordable 360-degree/ VR camera. It is only missing a wireless remote to trigger it to capture precious moments without using the mobile phone. In this post, I will be attempting to create/ DIY a wireless trigger for the LG 360 Cam. I will be posting updates to this article along the way.

Date Updates
21 May 16 Picture taking codes are working!
18 May 16 HM-10 BLE module finally arrived
04 May 16 Updated on the initial hardware selection criteria
28 Apr 16 Some initial probes on LG 360 Cam's WiFi network



The 360 Cam Manager app for Android and iOS connects to the LG 360 Cam’s WiFi network to instruct the camera to take picture, videos and retrieve live streams from the camera. While doing so, the mobile phone loses Internet connectivity as most-if-not-all mobile phone prioritizes WiFi connectivity over mobile/ cellular data even when there are no Internet connectivity (on WiFi).

Each of the LG 360 Cam creates their own unique WiFi network using some unique detail from the camera:

Network Name (SSID) Passphrase Security
LGR105_{last 6 digits of serial num}.OSC 00{last 6 digits of serial num} WPA2

Assuming the last 6 digits of the camera’s serial number is “123321”, the details of the WiFi network will be as follow:

Network Name (SSID) Passphrase Security
LGR105_123321.OSC 00123321 WPA2

Another point to note is that the 360 Cam Manager app seems to discover nearby LG 360 Cam by listening for the BLE broadcast from the camera.


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