Expanding the Storage Capacity of my Synology DS1515+


The hard drives in my current Synology DS1515+ are due for a change as their warranties are up. In fact, they are still working well except for one of them which had developed a couple of bad sectors. To avoid unforeseen mechanical failures, I decided to refresh the hard drives and expand the storage capacity of my DS1515+ at the same time. So here is the guide to expand your Synology NAS’s storage capacity.

The current hard drives in the Synology DS1515+ are Western Digital Red 3TB hard drives bought back in August 2012 with 3 years warranty. I will be refreshing all the five 3TB hard drives in the DS1515+ to 5TB hard drives. The DS1515+ is on Synology Hybrid RAID (SHR) on Ext4 file system.



The rough approach for expanding the storage capacity would be:

  1. Backing up of (important) data on the DS1515+ to somewhere;
  2. Verifying backed up data;
  3. Disk by disk replacement and data volume repair;
  4. Verifying data on the DS1515+.

Without further ado, let’s walk through the entire expansion process. This guide can also be used to replace a failed hard drive.


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