My Backup Strategy using Synology NAS

Synology Hyper Backup

The Synology Hyper Backup is another backup solution. Aside from doing backups of files, it can also backup application’s data and system settings. The data backed up using Hyper Backup are kept in a proprietary database that can be browsed or restored to another Synology NAS. It can do encrypted backups and backup tasks can be scheduled to run periodically with versioning and rotation. With versioning, previous version of files can be restored.

Using Synology Hyper Backup to backup data to Amazon Cloud Drive

Since I have subscribed to Amazon Cloud Drive, I created tasks to periodically backup important files on the Synology NAS to Amazon Cloud Drive with encryption. Without the digital key, nobody should be able to view the contents of the backup. So keep the key safe somewhere like on a reliable USB storage behind secured safe on a deserted island.


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