My Backup Strategy using Synology NAS

Backups for Desktop, Tablets and Laptop

Windows’s File History

For my Windows 10 tablets and computers, I make use of File History to do backups (with versioning) to my home folder on the Synology NAS. Synology allows each users to have their personal home folder on the NAS.

The File History is a relatively unknown/ under-utilised feature among my colleagues and friends. It is similar to Macintosh’s Time Machine just that it is in Windows-flavour. It also allows one to dive in to explore and restore various versions of backed up files.

Again, the File History backups are backed up to Amazon Cloud Drive via Hyper Backup.


Macintosh’s Time Machine

For my iMac, I am using the Time Machine to backup to the Synology NAS. Yes, Synology supports Time Machine too.

I tried to backup the Time Machine sparsebundle files and restoring them from Hyper Backup to the NAS. My iMac complained of corruption and prompted to create a fresh backup. Well, I guess I cannot restore Time Machine’s backup this way.


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