December 2016 Stock Portfolio Update

Stock Portfolio Allocation
No. Stock Units Average Price % of Portfolio
1 ABF SG BOND ETF 7202 1.154 13.65%
2 SPDR STI EFT 2200 2.989 10.72%
3 Sats Ltd 1000 3.041 8.06%
4 Nikko AM STI ETF100 1539 3.213 7.65%
5 Sheng Siong Group Ltd 5000 0.594 7.63%
6 Sembcorp Industries Ltd 1500 4.675 7.14%
7 Frasers Centrepoint Trust 2000 1.806 6.28%
8 Singapore Press Holdings Limited 1000 4.001 5.84%
9 SIA Engineering Company Limited 1000 4.671 5.55%
10 ST Engineering Ltd. 1000 3.781 5.32%
11 StarHub Ltd. 1000 4.101 4.66%
12 SPH REIT 3000 0.901 4.63%
13 Cache Logistics Trust 3000 1.167 4.03%
14 Parkway Life REIT 1000 2.34 3.91%
15 M1 Ltd 1000 3.331 3.21%
16 Sabana REIT 2000 1.085 1.46%
17 iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF 9 59.214 0.1%
18 Vanguard FTSE All-World ETF 4 104.561 0.17%

2016 Performance (Singapore Dollars)
Total dividends collected (Current year) $1,967.87
Total dividends collected to date (Nov 2013 – Now) $5,994.40
Total Invested Capital $68,019.61
Projected Annual Yield $2,190.05
Average Monthly Dividends $163.99
Unrealised Gains / Loss -$6,911.56

Through POSB InvestSaver, bought 64 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (SGX:G3B) at $3.064 and 348 units of ABF SG Bond ETF (SGX:A35) at $1.143.



Collected S$60.00 worth of dividends this month:

  • Sats Ltd (SGX:S58) – $60.00



Donated $120.00 to Metta Welfare Association.

How I learnt about them?

Their cafe actually serves nice vegetarian food that my family enjoys. During my visits there, I came to realise that some of the staffs are special – well mannered, diligent, etc.. Saw that their cause is good and decided to make a little donation towards them.

They do hold Metta Charity Walk and Metta Charity Carnival annually. So do take part if you can as they sell food, handicrafts and miscellaneous products back at Metta compound during the event to raise funds.

About Metta Welfare Association

Metta Welfare Association aims to provide the following services to the community:

  1. To provide accessible and affordable medical care to the less fortunate for eg, home hospice care for the terminally ill and day rehabilitative services for elderly and stroke patients.
  2. To provide disability care, respite care, residential care and training for the intellectually disabled.
  3. To provide special education and training for children with mild intellectual disability and/or autism.
  4. To provide community care services for the elderly, students and children.
  5. To develop and provide forms of medical care and welfare services as required by the community.

In terms of programmes, they have:

  1. Disability Care:
    – Metta Day Activity Centre for the Intellectually Disabled: A day care centre for the intellectually disabled.
    – Metta Home for the Disabled: A residential home for the disabled.
    – Metta Home Day Activity Centre: A day care centre for the disabled.
  2. Medical Care:
    – Metta Day Rehabilitation Centre for the Elderly: A day rehabilitation centre for elderly and stroke patients.
    – Metta Hospice Care: Home hospice care for the terminally ill.
    – Metta Home Nursing.
  3. Children Care:
    – Metta PreSchool: Preschools in Simei and Punggol that offer early intervention programmes for young children aged three to six with special needs.
  4. Special Education:
    – Metta School: A special education school for children aged seven to 18 with mild intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorders.
  5. Alumni Care:
    – Arts@Metta
    – Metta Cafe


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