Synology DiskStation DS916+ Review

Setting up the Volume(s)

The Disk Station Manager has been installed but the DS916+ is not yet ready for use as the storage volume has not been created. In here, we choose the RAID configuration and file system for the volumes. I have the intention to test if there are difference between the Seagate IronWolf NAS hard drives and Western Digital Red NAS hard drives so I will be creating two volumes.

There are four unused disks for volume creation

Select the Volume section followed by the create button

The Volume Creation Wizard makes the volume creation process simple

Selecting the two Seagate IronWolf NAS hard disks for the first volume

Always. Always perform a disk check before using to isolate out hard disk that are dead on arrival (DOA)

The Btrfs will have additional features in DSM 6.1 so I am sticking to it

Labelling the volume

Confirmation of the volume creation

Repeated the Volume Creation Wizard for the Western Digital Red NAS drives as a separate volume

After a day of disk consistency checks, both volumes are ready for usage at full performance. You can use the DS916+ while it is performing check but performance will be impacted


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