Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play

We came across this Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play while travelling in Hong Kong. Ariel was amazed by the fact that she could draw on the board with the various tools. She almost refused to let me put it back onto the display shelf (in the shop). She enjoyed doodling and seeing colourful lines appear as she runs the tools across the Boogie Board.

The front of the packaging.

The Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play was retailing for almost S$80 in Hong Kong and I got this from Amazon for US$21 (approx S$31.50). I had originally planned to get it as a toy for her but since it is her birthday (7th Jan 2017), it conveniently became a birthday present instead.

The back of the packaging.
Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play for kids. It is sturdy and features colourful display unlike previous Boogie Boards!

The Scribble n’ Play comes with a grip case that makes it easier to handle for toddlers. The rubberised edges (should) prevent damages to the unit should she drop it accidentally.

It comes with four textured tools (as seen in the back of the packaging) that allows different patterns of lines to be drawn. For example, chisel tip, brush/ rake tip, normal tip, etc.

I am also pleased to learn that the Scribble n’ Play has got user replaceable coin-cell battery. The original Boogie Board 8.5 did not feature replaceable battery.

In less than five minutes, Ariel learnt that she could erase the board by pressing the button. In fact, she thought that she switched/ powered off the board as the screen turned dark (got erased) when she pressed the button. That is why she say “off” whenever she press the button.

I hope that Ariel will have hours of fun with her Boogie Board. I am also hoping that we could use the Boogie Board to teach her alphabets and numbers in the near future.