Finding your Files using Synology Universal Search

It has been almost a decade of using network attached storage (NAS) to store my files. It is a brilliant storage device. Although I have switched between different brands of NAS (i.e. D-Link, Netgear, Asustor, Synology) and used different devices to create or update files along the way, the precious memories (i.e. family photos and videos) and data that I care about remains safe. However, the amount of documents (word, eBooks, news clippings, etc.) that I amassed over time made searching tedious or slow through Windows File Explorer or OS X Finder. Recently I discovered that the Synology Universal Search can locate the contents a whole lot faster.

Synology Universal Search

Bet that you did not notice about the Synology Universal Search feature. Neither did I. It is one of those features that I have overlooked in DSM 6.1.

Universal Search – Displaying the list of files that contains the search term quickly

What Synology Universal Search does is to index your contents and allow you to quickly search for contents that you need. What impressed me is that it is able to quickly search through the contents of documents like PDF, show me a glimpse of the sentences that contains the search terms along with the file that contains the search term.

Setting up the Synology Universal Search

Defining the folders to be indexed for Universal Search

Of course, set up needs to be done beforehand in order for Synology Universal Search to work its magic. The process is rather straightforward:

  1. Locate the folder which you wants Synology Universal Search to work its magic on;
  2. Tell it what type of contents is contained within the folder (and probably sub-folder); and
  3. Let Synology Universal Search index the folder.

That’s all.

List of indexed folders for Synology Universal Search

On both my DS1515+ and DS916+, I find that it is much faster than mapping the drive or volume and searching using Microsoft Explorer or OS X Finder. Do try it out!