How to RMA your Synology products?

My Synology DS1515+ started rebooting randomly recently and switching the NAS to another wall socket did not rectify the situation. It’s inbuilt power supply is failing and I can’t cannibalize the power units of the DS216+ nor DS916+. I need to RMA the defective Synology NAS and how do I go about doing it?


Summary of events to resolve my DS1515+ issue

Date Event
14 Apr Start of random reboots
15 Apr Logged support ticket with Synology
17 Apr Synology Support responded with additional queries
Concluded that DS1515+'s power supply is defective and requires RMA. Synology extended SRS for my case.
18 Apr Synology arranged for shipment
20 Apr Received the replacement DS1515+  
Completed migration to replacement DS1515+
Monitoring the DS1515+
22 Apr Replacement DS1515+ is working fine
Made call to reseller to confirm the return of defective DS1515+ but reseller wasn't sure and they need to check
24 Apr Eternal Asia (local distributor) called and informed that I could send the defective unit to their RMA Centre


Submitting a ticket via Support Center

If your Synology product cannot even power up, you will probably need to submit a support ticket via Synology’s Support Form.

Logging a support ticket with the friendly Synology Support Team

On the other hand, you can make use of the Support Center app to get Synology’s help on the issue that you are facing.

Once you have submitted the request, sit back and wait for their response. They will typically reply within two to three days and they seem to work on weekends too.


Troubleshooting by Synology Support

Typically, Synology will request to perform further troubleshooting to ascertain the issue. They may request for remote access into the system or simply ask you to perform some steps that they can’t perform remotely (e.g. reinserting hard drives, changing to another wall socket).

For my case, they requested that I check for loose electrical connection from the wall socket to the DS1515+ and change to another wall socket to isolate the random reboot issue to the NAS.

For my other support tickets, they requested for remote access and the admin account for further troubleshooting. One of which is to forcefully mount my RAID array for me to rescue my data. Well, they know the software RAID and LVM implementation on the Synology NAS better than me.


Recommendation by Synology Support

What is Synology Replacement Service (SRS) is a advanced product replacement service that can expedite the process of replacing defective products and minimize service downtime. It is only available for selected rack mount models.

After the troubleshooting stage, Synology Support would recommend the next course of action like their plan(s) for rectifying the issue.

It could be some configuration changes that they need your consent or in my current case, starting the RMA process by providing some customer information.

Synology Support verified that all required fields are filled up and initiated the RMA process for the DS1515+. In normal situations, Synology would proceed with the standard RMA process. However, I conveyed my urgency and Synology gladly extended a one-time advanced product replacement service for my unit so Synology will be shipping the replacement DS1515+ to me first before I return the defective one.

I just have to wait for the replacement unit to arrive.


Migrating to the replacement DS1515+

RMA my DS1515+ with defective power supply unit

The process is actually quite straightforward. It is just like the usual migration or upgrade process from a Synology NAS to Synology NAS.

Basically, I did the following:

  • Visually inspected the replacement DS1515+ for damage(s);
  • Performed a quick power up to ensure it works;
  • Extracted the secondary RAM module from my defective DS1515+ and installed into the replacement DS1515+;
  • Extracted and installed the hard disks in the exact same order from the defective DS1515+ to the replacement DS1515+;
  • Boot up and verify things are well.
Migrating to the replacement DS1515+.

Once I am happy with the DS1515+, it is time to pack up the defective one to send back to Synology as part of the replacement agreement.


Packing and returning the defective DS1515+ for return

The old DS1515+ on the left and the new one on the right. Going to ship back the one on the left.

According to Synology Support, I just have to drop off the following at one of the local resellers:

  • The complete set of DS1515+ NAS; and
  • The printout of the RMA email.
Returning the unused accessories pack

I mentioned complete set as they weren’t expecting you to cannibalize the drive trays, system fan, RAM modules, or whatever you can think of.


Dropping off the package at one of the local reseller

I am lucky that one of authorized resellers is located in a mall near my place. So I will be lugging the DS1515+ package over to the shop in the weekend!

Again, I was lucky that I called up the reseller to confirm that I can return the defective unit to them. I was informed that they are unsure of the RMA process through them and they would need to wait for Monday to check with Synology. They rang up later in the afternoon to inform me that there is a local Synology RMA Centre.

And so I didn’t manage to drop off the defective package.


Chatting with Eternal Asia

A lady (if I am not wrong, Cindy) from Eternal Asia, Synology’s local distributor in Singapore, rang me up to understand the situation. She shared that I could return the defective DS1515+ to their RMA Centre.

Eternal Asia (S) Pte Ltd is one of the local distributors and they have an RMA Centre in Singapore for Synology products.

The down point is that their RMA Centre operating hours are pretty restrictive:

  • Mon to Friday
  • Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays
  • 9.30am to 5.30pm
  • Lunch hour from 12.30pm to 1.30pm

That means that I have to take leave from work in order to send it in. I can’t send it in before work nor during lunch time.


Informing Synology Support about the package drop-off

Synology Support has requested that I inform them when I drop off the package at the reseller. If you decide to ship it back to them, you will need to inform them on the shipping company and tracking number.



The overall experience of the replacement process for Synology product is great. The migration process to the replacement unit takes about 20 minutes (or lesser). My only complain is the restrictive operating hours of the RMA Centre, it would be great if they operate on Saturday mornings.

Lastly, a big shout out and thank you to Synology for the assistance with this RMA.


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