Ambi Climate 2 Review – Pesto! Climate Control for your Air Conditioner

The Ambi Climate 2 is an accessory that transforms your air conditioner into a climate control system capable of delivering enhanced comfort while reducing unnecessary energy wastage on cooling. It is a refresh of the Ambi Climate launched back in August 2015. The Ambi Climate 2 is available for US$129.

Your comfort is not solely determined by the temperature of the air blowing out of your air conditioner. Factors like indoor humidity, temperature, weather, etc. affect your comfort as well. The artificial intelligence behind Ambi Climate identifies how these factors correlate to how you perceive your environment as comfortable.


Looking at the Ambi Climate 2

The Ambi Climate 2 now has a wooden base and 1 LED which reflects different color depending on its status. Behind the black panel on top is where the IR emitters and receivers are located.

The Ambi Climate is made of white plastic with a wooden base and it makes the overall design sleek compared to the previous release. Behind the black windows on the top are the infra-red (IR) emitters and receivers responsible for controlling the air-conditioner.

The LED blinks amber while waiting for set up instructions.

On the front is just a Ambi Climate logo that grows different color depending on the state of the device. For example, pulsing amber while waiting for set up, solid green when things are fine.

At the back of the Ambi Climate 2 is the micro-USB power port, USB 2.0 USB port and reset button.

At the back is the micro-USB power port, USB 2.0 port and reset button.


Comparing with the previous release

Compared to the predecessor, the Ambi Climate 2 is smaller in size and comes with a chick wooden base.

The Ambi Climate 2 is noticeably smaller than the previous release. The status LEDs have been consolidated to a single multi-color LED. The motion sensor has been removed as it is less useful than expected.

Comparing the back view of both Ambi Climate devices.

The design at the back of the Ambi Climate 2nd Edition is less cluttered.


The Ambi Climate 2 seems to be slimmer too!

The Ambi Climate 2 is also noticeably slimmer than the previous release.


Setting up the Ambi Climate

The setup process is identical to the previous version. The Ambi Climate app on Android and iOS guides you through the process of adding the Ambi Climate 2, hooking it up to your wireless (WiFi) network and pairing with your air conditioner.

Adding the Ambi Climate device to the app.

Hooking up to the Ambi Climate’s network to continue with the set up process.

Proceeding to add the Ambi Climate.

The app communicating with the Ambi Climate device.

The app identified the Ambi Climate 2 as a new device.

Instructing the Ambi Climate 2 to use the home WiFi network.

Connected to home WiFi network successfully!

The Ambi Climate 2 connecting to its cloud service where its artificial intelligence for climate controlling your air conditioner are located.

Next step is to teach the Ambi Climate 2 how to control your air conditioner.

Selecting the brand of the air conditioner.

Next is the model of the remote controller. This number can usually be found at the back of your air conditioner’s remote controller.

Final testing to ensure that the correct remote controller has been added.

Yeap, my air conditioner responded to the Ambi Climate 2. That’s all to the set up!

The app shows the ambient room temperature and humidity where the Ambi Climate is located.

The number at the back of the air conditioner’s remote controller.


Ambi Climate’s Climate Control

The Ambi Climate comes with several operation modes which was covered in my review of Ambi Climate (previous release):

  1. Comfort. This essentially lets Ambi Climate control the temperature of the air conditioner. It learns your comfort level through your feedbacks. Basically, you tell Ambi Climate if you are feeling “too hot”/ “too warm” / “a bit warm” / “comfortable” / “a bit cold” / “too cold” / “freezing” with the current climate in the room. It will then attempt to set the appropriate air conditioner setting base on the environment feedbacks (via the sensors).
  2. Temperature. Basically with this you will set a target temperate to maintain for the room.
  3. Away. This is mainly for you to control the temperature and/ or humidity of the room while you are away. You might have some items that are sensitive to changes in these two environment parameters and this mode might nail it.
  4. Manual. Just the plain old remote control features with no artificial intelligence, smartness, etc.

Ambi Climate’s AI controlling the air conditioner to maintain the room at the preferred temperature

In Singapore where weather is pretty unpredictable, I find that the Comfort mode works pretty well. It kept my master bedroom temperature comfortable thoughout the night.

Just in case you are wondering about compatibility, Ambi Climate supports more than a thousand models of air conditioner across fifty brands. You can check if it is compatible with your air conditioner at Ambi Climate’s compatibility page. The Ambi Climate 2 is available for backing on Kickstarter until 22nd June 2017. So do back it if you are planning to make your air conditioner smarter.