Roichen Cheese Maker – Easily make Kefir Cheese!

I started making milk kefir recently with the objective of making cheese. Yes, making cheese with milk kefir as the ingredient. Some affectionately call it as kefir cheese and it is full of probiotics like the milk kefir, albeit a drier version.


Kefir cheese – Taste and Texture

The kefir cheese after 24 hours in the Roichen Cheese Day / Cheese Maker

Kefir Cheese is made using a yeast and bacterial culture called kefir, rather than an additional acid or rennet, to separate milk into curd and whey. The curd is separated by cold straining or by heating using the acidic by-products of the kefir culture to set the curd, followed by straining.

Taste-wise, it resembles sour cream but not as sour as plain Greek yogurt.

Texture-wise, it can be runny like yogurt or slightly drier like cream cheese. It depends on how much liquid has been strained out.

You can mix honey, fruits, herbs, etc. to make it into a flavorful dessert!


Kefir cheese – How to make

To make kefir cheese, you have to strain the liquid portion of the milk kefir. This liquid is essentially whey and it is high in protein and works great in boosting the protein of other dishes.

What is left behind in the basket (or strainer) are the coagulated milk solids. The texture of the kefir cheese depends on how much liquid you strain out.

  • If you prefer soft cheese, the gravity-assisted straining would get you a texture that is between a yogurt and cream cheese;
  • If you prefer hard cheese, you will have to wrap the coagulated milk solids in a cheese cloth and leave it pressed under some weights to press the liquid out, followed by sitting it in the fridge to let out the moisture in the cheese.

Don’t throw the liquid/ whey away as it is also useful. You can add it to your pancakes, breads, etc. to boost their protein content.


Kefir cheese – My tool(s)

I managed to get my hands on a cheese maker meant for making yogurt cheese – Roichen Cheese Day. I reckoned that this would work for milk kefir as they work on the same concept of straining liquid out.

I bought the Roichen Cheese Maker/ Cheese Day from Taobao. It cost me slightly less than S$24 with shipping factored in. I also found the Roichen Cheese Maker / Cheese Day on eBay. It is made of BPA-free plastic and available in either yellow or pink. It is similar to the YogurBerry cheese maker.

Some pictures of Roichen Cheese Day/ Cheese Maker.

Roichen Cheese Maker to make kefir cheese using milk kefir.
The instructions/ details are all in Korean as Roichen Cheese Maker is a Korean product.
Even the instructions are also in Korean. Good thing is that the pictures are (almost) self explanatory.
Bought the yellow colored Roichen Cheese Maker. It also available in pink. It measures 13cm x 13cm x 18.5cm.
The Roichen Cheese Maker has got four parts – whey container, cheese sieve, container (in white) for pressing the cheese down and the top cover.
The strainer part has got a fine mesh at the base.
The sieve attached to the whey collecting container.
Fill this container with water to press down on the cheese to squeeze the remaining whey out.
Lastly, the cover ensures nothing drops into the milk kefir or yogurt while making it into cheese.
The strainer portion can actually hold 800 to 900 ml of milk kefir. I made only around 450 ml.
450ml of milk kefir only fills half of the Roichen Cheese Maker/ Cheese Day.
Leaving it in the fridge to let it do its job of separating the coagulated milk solids from the whey and aging the cheese.
The milk kefir in the cheese maker after 18 hours. Probably let it go for a few hours more to make it drier
Putting the whey aside for future uses
The kefir cheese after 24 hours in the Roichen Cheese Day / Cheese Maker


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