SK Bullion’s Local Courier Delivery

I bought the Nadir Metal Rafineri’s Uniquely Singapore Merlion 1 gram gold from SK Bullion‘s shop on Lazada Singapore as they were having some good discount codes that brought the price below gold’s spot price. SK Bullion then used Singapore Post’s Speedpost parcel service to deliver the sealed serialised bag (of gold).

The Nadir Metal Rafineri’s gold from SK Bullion arrived via Speedpost Economy.

The gold and invoice is packed squarely in this A5-sized envelope. It is actually an A4-sized envelope folded in half.

The Nadir Metal Rafineri Uniquely Singapore Merlion 1g Gold Bar in SK Bullion tamper-evident bag. The courier handed this over (in a proper shipping envelop) earlier.

Within the Speedpost parcel is this sealed plastic bag with the gold. The bag bears a unique serial number which is supposedly also used for SK Bullion precious metal storage vault service.

The SK Bullion tamper-evident bag is serialised.

The opening at the top of the bag is sealed at SK Bullion before delivery.

Cut along the bottom of the tamper-evident bag to remove the contents. Any evidence of heat sealing around this area means tampering.

The instructions at bottom of the sealed bag also inform the owner to be wary if it is heat sealed when it is not supposed to be.

The Nadir Metal Rafineri’s Uniquely Singapore Merlion 1g Gold Bar.

Lastly, a closer picture of the bag’s content. The Nadir Metal Rafineri’s Uniquely Singapore Merlion 1 gram gold is nicely packaged. It is definitely a nice gift to be packed into ang bao! Don’t know if I can request for serial numbers that ends with eight (8)?