Amazon Lightsail Review – The user-friendly VPS for almost anything


I started searching around for web-hosting solutions after my current web host, Oryon Networks, informed me that they are no longer offering shared web hosting services. I am out of touch with current web hosting offerings and the research took a while. I looked at shared web hosting packages and virtual private server (VPS) packages from DigitalOcean, Linode and Amazon Lightsail. I decided to test drive Amazon Lightsail to host my current blog. That is,


A little of history and baselining

I have been with Oryon Networks for 10 years (since Aug 2007). That was also when I started blogging on various blog platforms (e.g. Movable Type, WordPress). I settled for WordPress as my long term blogging platform.

The journey with Oryon Networks started smoothly but it got a little “problematic” these couple of years.

  • Website momentarily inaccessible from a couple of minutes to tens of minutes a few times a day
  • In one instance, both the local and backup storage crashed resulting in lost of data
  • Weird reasons stating that my WordPress plugins got vulnerabilities just because they are not the latest versions. Well, their Apache and MySQL are not kept up to GA versions either
  • Firewall rules blocking my IP and the reason was that I am malicious (when I was doing my own cPanel backup to my home’s FTP server to avoid another catastrophic failure on Oryon’s equipment)

The list continues. My friends and colleagues would probably heard me rant every now and then whenever I encountered issue with the web hosting – be it high server load or unsatisfactory answers from help desks. For example,

Q: My website is not loading now and the CPU load is x.xx (8 CPU) and the memory usage is high now (1pm) for the past 1 hour. <screenshots attached>
A: [Replies at 2pm] Your website is loading fine and we do not see any issues with the server. The load is fine.

My current shared web hosting plan has got the following specifications:

Disk 5GB CPU 8 (shared)
Data Transfer 50GB RAM 1GB
Addon Domains 99 I/O 1MB
Alias 99 IOPS 1024
Email Accounts 99 Processes 100
Management cPanel Entry Processes 20

Using Pingdom Website Speed Test, the average time to complete loading the front page is 7 seconds when the website is on Oryon Networks shared web hosting plan.