Looking around for Portable Projectors

I been wondering if there are people who projects shows (or movies) onto their ceiling? Imagine resting on the bed and looking at the ceiling for shows or movies. It sounds pretty comfortable compared to having television at the end of the bed.

In my case, adding a television seems impossible as the wall opposite the bed is like 2 to 3 metres away. Hence, a portable projector that can be easily powered by power bank makes a lot of more sense. It is more practical and economical as well. Practical as in, I just lie flat on the bed to watch. If I am sleepy, I just shut my eyes. Economical because I don’t need to erect a false wall and equip power sockets nearer to the end of my bed for a television.

I shortlisted a couple of DLP (digital light processing) portable projectors that people are recommending:

  1. Android-based H96-P 100 Lumens Projector with dual-band WiFi [available on Gearbest and Amazon]
  2. UNIC P1+ 30 Lumens Projector with WiFi [available on Gearbest and Amazon]

I am gearing more towards the Android-based projector as I will be able to install apps like NetFlix, Synology DS Video and MX Player on it for local player. However, the UNIC P1+ has got EZCast which allows me to cast from my OnePlus 3 or any phones within the house.

Any recommendations?