Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360° Panoramic Camera Review


The Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360° Panoramic Camera captures 24 megapixels 360-degree panorama pictures! It is also capable of recording 3.5K videos at 30fps or 2K videos at 120fps (bullet time). With its IP67 rating, it should be able to handle rain and water splashes from daily activities.

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere Camera with the LG 360 Camera.

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere is also commonly known as Xiaomi MiJia 360 Camera.

I bought the Xiaomi Mi Sphere from GearBest.com on Singles Day (11.11) for US$199.99. Along with it, I bought the Xiaomi MiJia Extendable Selfie Stick for US$9.99. Do you need the selfie stick? Read on.

The Xiaomi Mi Sphere camera is my second 360-degree camera. After taking a couple of 360-degree pictures and videos with the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 camera, I am sold. I don’t think I can go back to the LG 360 camera.

Xiaomi Mi Sphere Technical Specifications
Model QJTZ01FJ
Lens type Dual 190-degree fisheye lenses
Aperture f/2.0
Image sensor Sony IMX 206, 1/2.3-inch
Chipset Ambarella A12
Photo resolution 6912 x 3456 (23.88MP)
Video resolution 3456 x 1728 @ 30fps (40Mbps/ 50Mbps)
2304 x 1152 @ 60fps
2048 x 512 @ 120fps (Bullet time)
ISO 50 to 1600
Shutter speed 1/6400 to 32 seconds
Exposure modes Auto, Manual, Shutter priority, ISO priority
Bracketing Yes
Image stabilisation 3-axis gyroscope + 3-axis acceleration sensor
Storage Removable microSD up to 128GB
Use V30/ U3 card for video recording at highest resolution
Battery Built-in 1600mAh 3.8V
Weight 190 grams
Dimensions 78.00 mm x 67.40 mm x 24.03 mm
Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows
Others IP67

Xiaomi Mi Sphere vs MadVenture 360

Base on my research, the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 3.5K camera is identical to the MadVenture 360 4K camera. Again, there are people saying that the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 camera will be receiving a new firmware to enable 4K video recording

In another words, just grab the one that meet your needs. The MadVenture has got the selfie stick and GoPro mount as part its package.