Returning items back to Lazada? It’s simple.

Lately, I am on a awesome shopping spree on Lazada Singapore. Buying Raspberry Pi 3 and 8Bitdo gaming controllers for my RetroPie retro gaming platform; buying Merries diapers for my two kiddos; and a bunch of discounted nonsensical stuffs. One of the items was sent wrongly by the seller – 8Bitdo Xtander. I purchased the version for 8Bitdo NES30 Pro but the one for 8Bitdo SNES30 Bluetooth controller was sent instead. I need to return this item for the correct product and that is when I realised that Lazada Singapore’s return process is so darn simple.


Indicating the return

The first step is to go into your Lazada order and indicate that you would like to return the item. From there, they would ask for the reason, whether you would prefer a refund or replacement, and a couple of other stuffs.

Successfully notified Lazada Singapore that I will be returning the wrong item via Singapore Post POPStation.

At this point, you will also indicate whether would you prefer the item to be picked up by a courier at your place or drop it off at one of the Singapore Post’s POPStation.

There is POPStation near me so I decided on this method of return.


What is POPStation?

POPStation, or Pick Own Parcel Station, is a new and secure way to collect or drop off your parcels. The items that you bought can be delivered to a POPStation near you so that you can self-collect anytime at your convenience. Similarly, doing a return is also simple.

The good thing is that there are no additional charge for collection at the POPStation.


Packaging the 8Bitdo Xtander for return

Instead of the one for NES30 Pro, the seller sent me this instead. Going to package it up and return to Lazada Singapore for the correct one.

Wrapped it up like a present using some 70 gsm paper and tape. Wrote down the tracking number as instructed.


Dropping it off at the POPStation

After packaging the item, I went over to the nearby POPStation. This is located at a 24-hour petrol station.

The POPStation! It is my first time using it!

Happy Lunar New Year too!

Start by choosing the option for “Return My Parcel”.

Since I do not have a shipping label, lets print one. I have to enter the tracking number provided by Lazada Singapore.

If you got it correct, you will get this self-adhesive shipping label to stick on your parcel.

The shipping label is too big for my parcel. Had to wrap the parcel with the shipping label.

After choosing “Return My Parcel”, I scanned the label to start the return process.

It requests for your mobile number for shipping notification. It sends you a OTP to ensure that it is the right mobile number.

Entering the OTP I received on my mobile number.

Once the mobile number is authenticated, we need to indicate the size of the parcel.

After knowing the parcel size, it directs you to place the item into a suitable locker.

Placed the parcel into locker ‘F5’. Well, the parcel is minute compared to the locker.

Confirming with the POPStation that I had placed the parcel into the locker.

The final step is getting the receipt for this transaction. I opted to get it via SMS to save the trees.

The confirmation SMS from POPStation indicating that they have received the parcel.



The item will be on its way back to Lazada Singapore soon. I hope I will continue to get updates until the item reaches Lazada Singapore.

All in all, I didn’t expect the return process to be so straight-forward. In fact, the only complex (or tedious) part is packaging the 8Bitdo Xtander properly for the return. It would have been easier only If I had not discarded the packaging it arrived in. So don’t discard any shipping packaging until you are very sure that the item is correct.

Lastly, I think Lazada Singapore done a great job. The purchase experience is good and the return process is even better. Good job!

PS, you can actually get cash back for Lazada Singapore purchases at ShopBack.


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