The FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier Review

My Experience with the FiiO BTR1

I am using the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 for my daily commute on public transportation. It is a wired active noise cancelling earphones and the noise cancelling is great but the battery compartment in the middle of the audio cable is a little annoying. Therefore, I got the bluetooth adapter so that its audio cable does not dangle across my torso.

Pairing the FiiO BTR1 and OnePlus 3

Using the FiiO BTR1 with my OnePlus 3 mobile phone which also supports Qualcomm aptX.

I paired the FiiO BTR1 to my OnePlus 3 mobile phone like any other Bluetooth device. I am pleased to see that they identify each other as Qualcomm aptX compatible and auto-negotiated to use aptX instead of SBC.

Using the FiiO BTR1 with earphones or headphones is simply plug-and-play. I plug the audio cable into the 3.5mm audio jack and hit the music. Pleasant music pretty much started streaming immediately. Volume and track controls via the FiiO BTR1 works as intended.

Bluetooth range

In terms of bluetooth range, I find that both the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FiiO BTR1 are pretty much the same. Music becomes spotty when I near the 10-metres limit. However, the FiiO BTR1 appears to be holding up better against interference from other wireless devices during my daily commute. Bluetooth audio receivers gets some crackle from interference once in a blue moon.

The FiiO BTR1 allows you to connect up to two devices simultaneously. One annoying thing I encountered with the FiiO BTR1 is that if you lost connection to one of the devices, there will be a repeated audio beep (or notification) from the FiiO BTR1 until the lost device is reconnected or after you restart the FiiO BTR1.

How does the FiiO BTR1 sound?

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver and FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier.

Compared to the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver, the FiiO BTR1 Bluetooth Headphone Amplifier definitely sounds better. With the FiiO BTR1, there seems to be better tonal balance; musics and sounds are also clearer with certain audio notes that I had not noticed previously. I load up on classical crossover musics whenever I need concentration during work and that was when I noticed that the classical sounds clearer with the FiiO BTR1.

Double tapping on the main button turns on the DSP or sound effects. The DSP makes the soundstage wider. It works for my classical but not for my usual daily mixes from Spotify with artists like Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Jayesslee, etc.