CabinZero Backpack Review – Lightweight and roomy

The CabinZero Classic is a zero-hassle travel bag. It is lightweight, spacious and, most importantly, cabin approved. Instead of using it for travels, I actually bought the CabinZero Classic 36L as a trusty bag to store the kiddos’ stuffs (a.k.a diaper bag) when we are out. We got the CabinZero Classic 36L in original grey at S$89.00.

The CabinZero travel bag doesn’t really stand out in the crowd. This is what I like. I don’t want people to know that I am keeping my travel document in there!

The CabinZero Classic 36L pretty much keeps all the kiddos’ stuffs with room to spare – hot water flask, water bottles, extra clothings, diapers, milk powder, jackets, milk bottles, etc. You name it, we have them packed in the bag. Yes, it does feel like packing for overseas travel to a war zone when it is just a casual trip to town for a simple meal or shopping.

The CabinZero Classic 36L as a diaper bag for the baby carrier, milk bottles, extra clothings, diapers, etc.

It have a simple non-padded partition (in the main compartment just behind the shoulder straps) for a laptop or tablet. It doesn’t protect your laptop from knocks but it is definitely better than having your laptop swimming around in the bag.

There are also two zipper compartments for loose objects. During travels, we use it to keep the travel documents, loose cables for the mobile phone/ laptop and sunglasses. As a diaper bag, it keeps the milk powders and balms (for insects) nicely organised.

The CabinZero travel bag is actually quite functional as a diaper bag when you are not using it for travel.

The bag weighs in at approximately 760g for the CabinZero Classic. It is made of polyester with a water resistant exterior to keep its content safe from those sudden downpours. Your shoulders will thank you for the fully padded shoulder straps.

The main compartment has lockable YKK zips. The zips looks sturdy enough to withstand trick-open using ballpoint pen.

CabinZero uses YKK zippers. Personally I think YKK as one of the best zippers around. They are smooth and lasting. The main compartment (of the CabinZero) has lockable zippers to keep your content safe while travelling. Attach a padlock to it and the zip should be sturdy enough to withstand a trick-open with ballpoint pen.

Carrying handles at the top and side of the CabinZero travel bag.

The top and side handles on the CabinZero Classic allows me to hand-carry the bag like a suitcase on packed trains or buses. Your fellow commuters will thank you for not smashing the backpack into their faces.

The adjustable straps along the sides allows us to compress the bag so that the stuffs don’t fall to the base, tipping its balance. Just a tip, keeping the content closer to the body actually makes the bag easier to carry as the weight doesn’t “pull” you backwards.

When we need to access its contents, simply release the quick-release clips and unzip the bag fully.

The front compartment is great for keeping frequently accessed stuffs during travels.

The front compartment is great for keeping frequently accessed items like the mobile phone charger, power bank and pen for filling out that travel card. Or in our case, to access that pack of baby wet wipes or tissue.

Every CabinZero travel bag comes with Okoban – a Global Luggage Tracker. That could be your saviour if you really happen to misplace your CabinZero.

As a travel bag, the Okoban global lost-and-found is a great feature. For those who don’t know, Okoban is linked to WorldTracer which is an airline industry tracing system used by over 400 airlines at over 2,800 airports worldwide. With this, your chances of locating your misplaced (or stolen) CabinZero is definitely higher than a travel bag without Okoban.

CabinZero travel bag.

Every CabinZero travel bags come with a 10 years warranty. If you like their Facebook page (CabinZero), they will upgrade your warranty to 25 years. Sweet! The dimensions meet most airlines hand carry specifications so you can travel light – bring it up the aircraft and zip off at your destination without the need to wait for your checked-in luggage (because you don’t need one now).

For now, our CabinZero Classic 36L will be our sturdy diaper bag both locally and during travels. Well, there are also lots of children stuffs to be brought on-board the aircraft to keep them occupied.

We are crossing our fingers and hope that our CabinZero travel bag last.