Accessories that you should get for Nintendo Switch

Protecting the Nintendo Switch

Hard shell case for the Nintendo Switch

The polycarbonate hard shell case for the Nintendo Switch. It protects the back and edges of the Nintendo Switch.

Despite having the hard shell, the Nintendo Switch is still slim enough to fit into the official dock.

I picked up the polycarbonate hard shell, from Aliexpress, to protect the Nintendo Switch from scratches when thrown into my daily travel bag. If you are considering one, make sure that it is thin enough to allow your Nintendo Switch fit into the official dock.

Hard Shell Carrying Case

The hard shell carrying case for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch at the bottom. You can keep game cartridges and accessories on top.

The hard shell carrying case is also from Aliexpress. I bought it to protect the Nintendo Switch, particularly the analog sticks, from being squashed in the daily bag. The analog sticks look like they can’t take a beating.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Most importantly, the tempered glass screen protector for Nintendo Switch!

The Nintendo Switch has a brilliant 6.2-inch 720p display so don’t risk scratching it. Tempered glass screen protectors are pretty affordable nowadays so slap one on the Nintendo Switch! Do choose those with 2.5D edges. Do you need to spend $20 on a tempered glass screen protector? For me, nope. The $2 one works too.


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