Accessories that you should get for Nintendo Switch

Being Ready for multi-player

Extra Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers

If two players equals great, four must be splendid!

An additional set of Joy-Con controllers is a must for multi-player games like Kirby Star Allies or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The next gadget is a must once you got the extra set of controllers!

Official Joy-Con Charge Stand

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Stand by HORI charges up to four Joy-Con controllers. It is officially licensed by Nintendo.

It keeps your extra Joy-Con charged until your next gaming session. Avoid disappointment of spare controllers running out of batteries prematurely.

Playstand for the Switch

For those plan to enjoy a game or two outside at the cafe or a friend’s house will welcome this. The HORI Nintendo Switch Playstand elevates the Nintendo Switch and tilts the display to your desired viewing angle. You will thank it for saving your neck in the long run.

Spare power adaptor

The power adaptor (that came with the Switch) and the dock are on the TV console. A spare power adaptor to bring around with a portable USB-C to HDMI adaptor makes a lot more sense than having to disconnect the setup every now and then.

Do remember to get the official power adaptor from Nintendo unless you don’t mind risking your Switch just to save a couple of bucks from third party ones.


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