HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch’s kickstand is a nice touch. It allows the Nintendo Switch to stand on its own on a flat surface during a round of Overcooked! or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The problem is that the tilt is not adjustable, obstructed charging port and neck strains. The HORI Compact Playstand allows the Nintendo Switch to be tilted at multiple angles while being charged. I got the HORI Compact Playstand for ¥1,086 (approximately S$13.50).

The HORI Compact Kickstand

The HORI Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch came in a compact box.

The back of the packaging mentioning that it can be tilted at three angles.

The HORI playstand folds into a compact and rather slim piece of equipment that measures approximately 162 x 89 x 17 mm.

The bottom of the HORI Compact Playstand has anti-slip feet.

The HORI Compact Playstand fully deployed for multi-player gaming session.

These allow the playstand to be adjusted to the perfect viewing angle for gaming.

Using the HORI Compact Playstand

The HORI Compact Playstand looks great with the Nintendo Switch.

The HORI Compact Playstand is officially licensed by Nintendo. It is also available in other themes/ design like Mario, Zelda, etc.

I find that multi-player gaming with the HORI Compact Playstand is a lot more ergonomic compared to the built-in kickstand as the playstand raises the Nintendo Switch nearer to the eye. Although it is not at the eye level, it helps in reducing neck strains. The viewing angle is also adjustable to 30, 50 or 60 degrees.

Despite being light-weight, it is sturdy enough to hold the Nintendo Switch at various angles without flexing. The wide base reduces the risks of it toppling.

Not a tight fit here but I am not complaining. I got a polycarbonate shell on the back of my Nintendo Switch and it still fits.

This little flip-out piece, supporting the Nintendo Switch, is wide enough to accommodate a Nintendo Switch with polycarbonate shell. So no worries if you have armoured up your Nintendo Switch.

One good point to note is that this flip-out piece and the back that is supporting the Nintendo Switch has rubberised grips to prevent the Nintendo Switch from sliding out accidentally.

The HORI playstand folds into a compact and rather slim piece of equipment.

After the game, simply fold the HORI Compact Playstand back into its compact form for storage and transportation.

At its price, it is a steal. You will thank it for saving your neck from strains.