HORI Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Stand

Using the HORI Joy-Con Charge Stand

HORI Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charge Stand with four Joy-Con.

The Design

The Nintendo Switch Joy-Con easily slips on and off the HORI Charge Stand. It does not use the clip/ locking system like the one you encounter when attaching or detaching the Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch.

Clearance between the Nintendo Joy-Con on the HORI Charge Stand.

There is enough space around the Joy-Con when attached to the HORI Charge Stand. So it should not pose an issue if you are using protective shells/ rubberised grip (on your Joy-Con).

The USB cable is pretty short. I guess it is designed to be attached to the Nintendo Switch Dock instead of a wall charger.

Charging Indicators

Red means charging. Off means NOT charging or fully charged.

The charging part is something that I found to be pretty weird. When the red indicator lights (at the top of the HORI Charge Stand) are on, it means that it is charging the respective Joy-Con. However, if the indicator lights are off, it could either mean that you did not seat the Joy-Con properly or it is fully charged. From my observation, it goes red briefly before off to indicate that the Joy-Con is fully charged.