Synology MR2200ac Mesh Router Review


The Synology Router Manager (SRM) met my expectation in terms of configuration ease. It is easy to set up the Synology MR2200ac for my usage be it via the DS Router mobile app or web-based configuration. Who uses a computer to set up stuffs nowadays?

Adding additional Synology MR2200ac as Wi-Fi Point is also straight forward. Some other wireless mesh system requires me to connect a network cable between them for the initial setup.

For my apartment (an old 5-room in Singapore), the wireless mesh improves the coverage for the entire place. The switching between the Wi-Fi Points is seamless to the client. My family member also realised that wireless connectivity and reliability has improved tremendously. For me, I can stream high quality multimedia without disconnection when I walk from room to room.

My current setup is using the Synology RT2600ac router as the primary Wi-Fi point and the Synology MR2200ac routers as additional Wi-Fi points. My entire place is blanketed in high quality wireless goodness!