Reiyin WT-04: Bluetooth Audio for Nintendo Switch

One of the qualms about Nintendo Switch is that it does not work with Bluetooth headphones/ earphones. With wired earbuds, it often leads to nuisance like tugging the earbuds out of the ears or accidents like pulling the Nintendo Switch off the table top. All these can be avoided if the audio can be wirelessly delivered. Hence, products like Genki and Reiyin WT-04 enable Bluetooth audio for the Nintendo Switch. I bought the Reiyin WT-04 Bluetooth 5 audio transmitter from Reiyin shop on during their December 2018 promotion for US$14.74 (shipping inclusive).

The Reiyin WT-04 Bluetooth 5.0 audio transmitter. It works well on the Nintendo Switch.

In a nutshell, the Reiyin WT-04:

  • Uses Bluetooth 5. It is compatible with (almost) every bluetooth audio receivers out there.
  • Battery Free. Powers directly off the Nintendo Switch. There isn’t a need for separate charging.
  • Supports Microphone. Should you need in-game voice from your Bluetooth headphones’s microphone. Do note that only one of the microphones will work if multiple headphones are paired.
  • Multiple codecs. It supports SBC, aptX and aptX-LL (low latency). Essentially, they incorporated one of the lowest latency codecs around.
  • Multi-broadcast. Connects up to 2 headphones for multiplayer gaming fun!

Using the Reiyin Bluetooth 5.0 audio transmitter on the Nintendo Switch

The Reiyin WT-04 Bluetooth audio transmitter with the Nintendo Switch.

Setting up the Nintendo Switch and Reiyin WT-04

The Nintendo Switch recognises the Reiyin WT-04 as a USB audio device effortlessly. There isn’t a need for me to configure or install anything on the Nintendo Switch.

When using on the Nintendo Switch directly, I have to use the angled USB-A to USB-C adaptor. I can use the Reiyin WT-04 Bluetooth audio transmitter to the Nintendo Switch Dock.

Hooking up to the Sony Bluetooth Headphones

Pairing the Reiyin WT-04 up with my Sony headphones is also straight-forward.

Firstly, I set my Sony headphones to pairing mode. Then I pressed the button on the Reiyin Bluetooth audio transmitter for 3 seconds to kick it into discovery/ pairing mode. Before I know it, my Sony headphone notified me that a device has been connected and the familiar background music (from the game) streamed through.


I must say that I am not those who are obsessive about audio latency so I found the audios to be pretty much synchronised with the game and acceptable. Sound levels can be controlled as per normal and there are no stuttering of any sort.

If you are interested in getting the Reiyin WT-04 Bluetooth 5 audio transmitter, do monitor the product price on both Amazon and Aliexpress. I notice that the price does fluctuate from as low as US$15 to US$34.