Convenient Travel with SimplyGo

SimplyGo enables commuters to use their credit or debit cards with contactless function for fare payments. Aside from using the physical card itself, one can pay using NFC-enabled device with Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc. if the card is linked to the device. I been paying my fares using Samsung Pay via my Samsung Galaxy Active watch ever since getting it. Mixed feelings so far.

The Good

  1. No longer requiring top-ups. It deducts fare directly from the credit card and I no longer need to top up the CEPAS card via the machine or auto top-up. Great!
  2. Slimmer wallet. Not that it is low on moolah but I got one less card to bring around. Yes, there are credit card with CEPAS feature but if you are holding on to a regular CEPAS only card, you freed up a card slot!
  3. Looks cool (I hope). Shuffle up to the payment machine, pay my fare using my smart watch (Samsung Galaxy Watch Active) or my phone.
Samsung Pay on the Galaxy Watch Active.

The Bad

  1. Hits and misses. Sometimes they fail to record that the trip has ended so ended up charging me the full fare despite me tapping out at my destination. Initially, the payment machine fails to recognise the tap but it is a lot better recently.
  2. Potentially holding up the queue. This is specific to the Samsung Galaxy Watch. I am using the Samsung Pay on the smart watch for payment and the NFC activates for 60 seconds after you initiates the payment process. Sometimes the queues suddenly slows down and cause me to worry that I might hold up the queue if the countdown hits zero just at the right moment for me to scan. Well, not that it has happened before but I guess I am just being overly civic minded.
  3. MRT gantries are so low. Ok, this is specific to me again. I wear my watch on my left hand, the MRT gantry payment sensors are on the right so I have to bend/lower myself and angle my wrist onto the payment sensor. Not so cool.