Microsoft Surface Go review

Using the Surface Go

Keeping it juiced

One of the nice thing about the Surface Go is that USB-C port supports power delivery so I am able to charge it with the same USB-C charger for my smartphone. Of course, the standard USB wall charger will take too long to charge the Surface Go decently so I got a USB Type C PD compliant wall charger that can squeeze out a little more power to feed the Surface Go.

The Surface Go package comes included with a charger that charges it via the proprietary Surface Connect port.

Cramped keyboard

I believe that keys on the Surface Go Type Cover are more packed than the standard keyboard. As a result, I tend to hit the wrong keys. I guess there is nothing much I can do except pairing it up with a standard sized external keyboard.

Decently Powered

It is the first time I am using a device with Intel Pentium Gold Processor. While I am expecting a fair bit of performance hit but I am glad that it handles word processing, WordPress article writing and basic image editing pretty well. However, launching the Chrome’s inspect element does take a while when compared to the Surface Pro 4.

Windows S

The Microsoft Surface Go comes shipped with Windows 10 in S Mode. What it means is that you can only install and run application from Microsoft Store. You cannot just download and install any software on the Internet.

I broke out of S Mode and got onto the regular Windows 10. Yes, I was then able to install software downloaded off the Internet.

Before you get the idea that Windows 10 in S mode is a bad thing, Windows 10 in S mode is streamlined for security and performance while providing a familiar Windows experience. To increase security, it only allow apps from the Microsoft Store and requires Microsoft Edge for safe browsing.