N2 Elite NFC Emulator

Nintendo Switch owners should be familiar with amiibo figures. By tapping them on the right Joy-Con controller, you can unlock in game bonuses and add a lot of fun to compatible games. These bonuses are not single use and people actually share them with family and friends. To do so, they either borrow the amiibo figure or clone their data onto compatible NFC tag. I got the N2 Elite NFC Emulator to do just that.

Deciphering Amiibo

Within the figurine’s base is a NTAG215 NFC tag. The NFC tag contains data telling the compatible game what bonus to unlock. Each amiibo figurine has different tricks up their sleeves.

For those techies, the question is whether can we write the same data onto NFC tag with same NFC standard (i.e. NTAG215) and get it to work? Apparently, it does but you got to write-lock it for it to work properly.

Why backup the Amiibo?

Some chose to backup the amiibo onto a NTAG215 NFC tag to make their gaming experience mobile instead of lugging multiple figurines around. That is the reason of having a handheld console. Right?

The NTAG215 NFC tags are available in various form-factors like stickers around the size of the amiibo’s base but way thinner, half a credit card or normal credit card. These form-factors are much definitely more portable than the original amiibo figurines.

However, as the number of amiibo grows, the stack of stickers or cards get thicker too. That is where the N2 Elite NFC Emulator comes into the picture.

Around the size of a standard amiibo figurine’s base, the N2 Elite can store up to 200 amiibo data! Honestly, I seriously doubt that your family and/or friends combined will own so many unique amiibo figurines.

While I share these details of amiibo and NTAG215 NFC tags, do use the knowledge responsibly and respect the content owners.