N2 Elite NFC Emulator


For those with multiple amiibo figurines and figuring a way to manage their massive collection, the N2 Elite is potentially a solution. However, the N2 Elite is not exactly affordable. It retails for almost US$116 for the N2 Elite with NFC writer combo and US$70 for just the N2 Elite alone. You will need the NFC writer to use it on a computer if you do not have a NFC-compatible Android phone.

If you are getting it, I would recommend checking out the N2 Elite from Anxchip.com. They are selling N2 Elite at price lower than N2 Elite’s own web shop. They are pretty reputable and I don’t think they are selling counterfeits.

While I share these details of amiibo, NTAG215 NFC tags and the N2 Elite, do use the knowledge responsibly and respect the content owners.