Yootech LX6 Wireless Charger

I got the Google Pixel 5 recently and was excited to try wireless charging but I am not willing to fork out S$119 for the Google Pixel Stand. I tried out the Xiaomi 7.5W Wireless Charging Pad that I have and the Google Pixel 5 measured 700 mA charging speed on the Ampere app which is way too slow. I did a search and owners of previous Pixel phones have varying success with Yootech wireless chargers. Hence, I decided to try out the Yootech LX6 Metal Wireless Charger and I pleasantly surprised by that Ampere measured faster wireless charging on the Google Pixel 5 with the Yootech LX6 15W Metal Wireless Charger. The Yootech LX6 15W Metal Wireless Charger cost me S$29.95 from Lazada (Singapore).

Testing the Yootech LX6 15W Metal Wireless Charger

Did some measurement using Ampere while charging via different means. It appears that the Yootech LX6 Wireless Charger is able to fast-charge the Google Pixel 5 wirelessly.

Product Ampere (mA)
Baseus GaN 65W Mini Quick Charge Travel Charger (wired) 2,810
Xiaomi 7.5 Wireless Charging Pad 760
Yootech LX6 15W Wireless Charger 2,510
Ampere records a max charging speed of 2,510mA.

Do take the readings from Ampere with a pinch of salt as the developer has also caveat that it is not mA accurate and the measurements depends on what is currently running on the phone. I done by best by closing all apps and rebooting the phone before each measurements.

Some pictures of the Yootech Wireless Charger


The Yootech LX6 15W Wireless Charger is able to charge the Google Pixel 5 at a decently fast speed (2,510 mA according to Ampere) at a fraction of the price of the Google Pixel Stand. If you are a busy person that shuttles between meetings and can only stay at your deck for 30 minutes top in one seating, I think you need the Yootech LX6 15W Wireless Charger.