Electric Air Duster

A vacuum cleaner is great at picking up dirt and dust. For example, dusty grills of fan, food crumbs on keyboard, dust on the monitor bezel. While the vacuum cleaner is great, it has challenges getting the dust off the tight corners or those deep inside. In the past, I get cans of air sprays to blow dust off hard to reach areas. Of course, the dust will be flying all around but at least I get the dust off the heat sink, fan grill and between the keys of the keyboard. Canned air sprays have limited amount of sprays so I got an electric one instead. I hope the “cost per air spray” will be lower than canned ones. This Electric Air Duster from OPOLAR cost S$69.00 from Lazada before the platform vouchers.

Taking a look at the OPOLAR Electric Air Duster

I am still on the first charge from the factory and used roughly 10 minutes in total. I am taking precaution against burning out the fan by not operating it for too long at one go. The fan is rated at 33,000 RPM. Check out the technical specifications at OPOLAR product site.

The electric air duster charges via the micro-USB port. I am glad that it is not a mini-USB port. I hope more devices supports USB-C charging in the future instead.

Testing the OPOLAR Electric Air Duster

Testing the strength of the electric air duster

With no device to measure the strength of the electric air duster, I decided to place a Lego minifigure 60cm away and see if it can topple it. Well, it can with much ease. Did not attempt at other distances.

Cleaning the Vornado fan with the electric air duster.

If you own a Vornado fan like me, you will know that dust get trapped easily in its vents. It is practically impossible to vacuum or wipe off the dust without taking the fan apart. I am glad that the OPOLAR Electric Air Duster can dislodge most dust; including those persistent ones trapped at the corners or edges. For the dust that got scattered all around, I guess I still need my trusty vacuum cleaner.