#MajulahGCP Season 3 Swags

Google occasionally offers self-learning opportunities on how Google Cloud Platform’s infrastructure and application development tools work together. They held the third season of the #MajulahGCP learning event in my region recently. In my honest opinion, it is a good opportunity to understand how some of the new technologies work amidst your busy schedule. If you have been procrastinating about picking up that new skillset, the #MajulahGCP event is probably a great learning opportunity. At the end of the event, you might qualify for their swag packs! Thanks #MajulahGCP for the learning opportunity, smart LED display thermos flask, apron, polo t-shirt and a hipster backpack!

This time round, Google recommended the following labs:

  1. Create and Manage Cloud Resources
  2. Ensure Access & Identity in Google Cloud
  3. Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud
  4. Set Up and Configure a Cloud Environment in Google Cloud
  5. Monitor and Log with Google Cloud Operations Suite
  6. Build and Secure Networks in Google Cloud
  7. Implement DevOps in Google Cloud
  8. Cloud Architecture: Design, Implement, and Manage
  9. Secure Workloads in Google Kubernetes Engine
  10. Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud
  11. Optimize Costs for Google Kubernetes Engine
  12. Build a Website on Google Cloud
  13. Getting Started with Go on Google Cloud
  14. Serverless Firebase Development
  15. Serverless Cloud Run Development
  16. Automate Interactions with Contact Center AI
  17. Build Interactive Apps with Google Assistant
  18. Anthos: Service Mesh

The guided labs are powered by the Qwiklab and personally I feel that it is a nice training platform for self-directed learning. That being said, Qwiklab actually locked my account for abuse because I spun up the resources too quickly. The good thing is that they promptly resolved it so that I could continue with my labs.

Looking forward to future free trainings!

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