shadowandy (or Cheng Yee) is an IT enthusiast who is intrigued by the ever changing technological world. Equipped with his inquisitive mind, IT knowledge and education in Information Systems (B.Comp (Honors) Information Systems, National University of Singapore), he explores new technologies and see how can it be used in his daily life (personal and work).

He is currently a Systems Architect at work, dealing with technologies related to his business area – infrastructure, server virtualisation, desktop/application virtualisation, system developments, SAP, etc. He aims to set the foundation right for the future project teams implementing capabilities in his business area.

When he has time to slack, he explores new technology toys – networking, mobile, circuitry and write reviews on them. He believes that through reviews, he explores every nook and cranny of the device. At times, he write guides to help others maximise the potential of their devices.

Well, LEGO are his favourites too so do share with him any good deals that you come across.

shadowandy was the first to devise a method to restore D-Link DIR-300 back to original firmware (from third party firmware like dd-wrt and open-wrt). shadowandy is also the first to come up with a simple D-Link DIR-300’s boardconfig generator for the firmware restoration process.

shadowandy really found these interesting and would like to learn more about them. If you are keen in sharing tips, do leave a note or drop and email at shadowandy[dot]sg[at]gmail[dot]com!