Atkins diet, Keto diet, Paleo diet

Terms like ‘Keto diet’, ‘Paleo diet’ and ‘Atkins diet’ often pop up in your search results when searching for healthy diets. So what are they? Essentially, they manipulate your food choices in a good way. That is, reducing (or eliminating) the amount of processed food and carbohydrates that you consume. Although they share similarity in terms of being low-carb, ketosis, however, is the science behind the Keto diet while Paleo and Atkins diets might not be ketogenic. Let’s look at keto diet.

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LG Hom-Bot WiFi mod

I bought the LG Hom-Bot VR6470LVM for quite a while but did not really managed to find the time to do the WiFi mod. The LG Hom-Bot is a robot vacuum cleaner. It replaced the Neato robot cleaner that I had after its battery died on me. This WiFi mod allows you to control and monitor the LG Hom-Bot over your home wireless network through a web browser.

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Carbohydrates: Complex vs Simple

I pretty much grew up with carbohydrates (or carbs) being the base of my meals – rice with meats and vegetables as sides, noodles with other ingredients as sides, etc. I enjoy my coffee with brown sugar and having coconut pancakes (mee chiang kueh) once in a while. I know I should have my macronutrients (fat, protein, carbohydrate) in the correct proportion but it didn’t occur to me that they can be further branched into the ‘better’ and ‘bad’ category. For example, saturated versus trans fat, complex versus simple carbohydrate, etc. So lets just look at carbohydrates.

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