Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver Review

I bought a pair of wired active noise cancelling earphones (Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23) awhile back and soon found the need for a wireless solution. Instead of getting a new pair of earphones, the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver seems to be the perfect solution to unchain my earphones from my Bluetooth capable smartphone and tablets. I bought it off ezbuy prime for S$22.71.

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Enfonie Engo Battery Base for Amazon Echo Dot

Ever thought of bringing your Amazon Echo Dot to other areas of the house but realized the wall socket is not within reach? Previously, I use a power bank but the Amazon Echo Dot will need to reboot before the music comes back on. I just realized that there are actually portable battery base specially for Amazon Echo Dot. I gotten the Enfonie Engo battery base for Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) from Amazon and it works great!

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My Blockchain Primer

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain, bitcoin, etc. are buzzwords these days. I am also intrigued by blockchain technology and felt that I should pen down my findings and views too. As it is often said, if one cannot explain something, it means he or she does not understand the topic. Hence, here goes my amateur understanding of blockchain technology and it might help you if you have just started out on reading up on blockchain.

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