April 2018 Stock Portfolio Update

Through POSB Invest-Saver, bought 83 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (SGX:G3B) at $3.5818 and 266 units of ABF SG Bond ETF (SGX:A35) at $1.1212.

Bought 25 pieces of Canadian Maple Leaf (2016) 1 oz silver coins for S$24.028 each when I was in the vicinity of SK Bullion outlet recently. Well, not exactly a good price for silver but I decided to just pick up some since it was nearby.

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Applying for SGS Bond using SRS Fund

Little did I expect that applying for Singapore Government Securities (SGS) bond issues using funds from Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) account is a lengthy process filled with question marks and confused looks from bank staffs. In fact, it is just involves filling up a two-page form but it took me almost two hours at DBS Bedok branch. I reached there at 4.10pm, was attended to at 4.30pm and only left the place at 5.45pm on a Thursday.

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A review of 2017’s investment

Another year is coming to an end soon and I didn’t seem to have achieved much. The total invested capital increased from $68,016.42 to $84,735.93.

This year, I made a total donation amount of $400 towards Children’s Cancer Foundation, Metta Welfare Fund and KKH Health Fund. Hope the token sum will be able to help some of those in need.

I bought a total of 80.1 grams of gold and 1,088.5 grams of silver for $4,191.09 and $848.64 respectively.

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