Ticwatch E Review

Mobvoi, a Chinese startup, released their next generation of Ticwatch series – Ticwatch S&E. It is available in two variants – Sports (Ticwatch S) and Express (Ticwatch E). I backed the Kickstarter project on 12th July 2017 (backer #3606) for a pair of Ticwatch E at US$245. It was slated for delivery in October 2017 but it was only delivered to me on 25th November 2017 after some delay.

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Stepping inside Zero Latency Singapore’s warehouse-scale free-roam multi-player VR World

Equipment? Checked. Weapons? Checked. Zombies and alien robots? Bring it on! Recently, I joined a group of six at Zero Latency Singapore for a session of multi-player virtual-reality (VR) game. We teleported into a VR world where we cooperated and fought our way to safety. One of my team mates leaped backwards when the zombie horde crashed through the barrier and bumped into me. It reminded me that there is actually a real person behind the avatar that I am seeing.

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Mifold Ultra-Portable Booster Seat Review

We have been taking car rides frequently these days, especially private-hire cars for the ease of traveling. To make the journey safer, we decided to get the mifold Ultra-Portable Booster Seat for my elder daughter so she could be properly and safely secured for the rides without us lugging a bulky booster seat along. We managed to get it from Amazon at US$39.99 (~S$57).

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Amazon Prime Now available in Singapore

Amazon Prime Now is available in Singapore! It is certainly a piece of good news for avid Amazon shoppers. Amazon Prime Now offers household, groceries and most of the usual stuffs you see on Amazon.

Currently, you do not need to have Amazon Prime membership to test-run Amazon Prime Now. So give it a go and experience Amazon Prime Now. Not sure when will this promotion end.

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