Reviewing the Synology DS1817+ with M2D17

The Synology DS1817+ and DS1517+ are announced in April 2017. The Synology DS1817+ is offered in both 2GB and 8GB RAM variants; and it officially supports up to 16GB. Three new accessories are also announced, namely: the (1) M2D17 dual M.2 SSD adapter; (2) DX517 5-bay expansion unit; and (3) E10G15-F1 10GbE NIC. We will be reviewing the Synology DS1817+ with the M2D17 dual M.2 SSD adapter for read-write cache.

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Amazon Prime Now available in Singapore

Amazon Prime Now is available in Singapore! It is certainly a piece of good news for avid Amazon shoppers. Amazon Prime Now offers household, groceries and most of the usual stuffs you see on Amazon.

Currently, you do not need to have Amazon Prime membership to test-run Amazon Prime Now. So give it a go and experience Amazon Prime Now. Not sure when will this promotion end.

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LG Hom-Bot WiFi mod

I bought the LG Hom-Bot VR6470LVM for quite a while but did not really managed to find the time to do the WiFi mod. The LG Hom-Bot is a robot vacuum cleaner. It replaced the Neato robot cleaner that I had after its battery died on me. This WiFi mod allows you to control and monitor the LG Hom-Bot over your home wireless network through a web browser.

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