Enfonie Engo Battery Base for Amazon Echo Dot

Ever thought of bringing your Amazon Echo Dot to other areas of the house but realized the wall socket is not within reach? Previously, I use a power bank but the Amazon Echo Dot will need to reboot before the music comes back on. I just realized that there are actually portable battery base specially for Amazon Echo Dot. I gotten the Enfonie Engo battery base for Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) from Amazon and it works great!

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Amazon Prime Now available in Singapore

Amazon Prime Now is available in Singapore! It is certainly a piece of good news for avid Amazon shoppers. Amazon Prime Now offers household, groceries and most of the usual stuffs you see on Amazon.

Currently, you do not need to have Amazon Prime membership to test-run Amazon Prime Now. So give it a go and experience Amazon Prime Now. Not sure when will this promotion end.

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