Team Xecuter’s SX Gear Review

The Nintendo Switch is a powerful portable gaming device with its Nvidia Tegra X1 SoC. It has four ARM Cortex A57 cores maxing out at 2 GHz. To top it off, it has 256 CUDA cores at 768 MHz and 4 GB RAM! Other than running Nintendo Switch games, it would probably run emulators perfectly! That’s where Team Xecuter’s SX Gear, Hekate and Lakka comes into the picture.

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Nintendo Switch

One year on, my colleagues and friends are still enjoying their Nintendo Switch. It does not seems to be a fad and proved itself to be one of the most exciting gaming consoles so far with periodic game releases.

The Nintendo Switch is interesting. Not only can you bring it around for single player games, you can also spice up a party with multiplayer games directly on the console or on a big screen through the included Nintendo dock. I bought the Nintendo Switch recently after one of my buddies got it. I hope I ain’t too late to the party.

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